Waiting for the Summer sale catalogue?

For this Summer’s sale we are going digital. There was just too much to fit into just one catalogue! 

For those that enjoy our traditional catalogue don’t fear, we WILL be bringing this back for our AUTUMN WINTER range in April. Please spread the word to your friends & family.

RB Sellars Corporate Catalogue 2016

RB Sellars has been providing uniform and work wear solutions for rural and urban businesses of all sizes for over a decade.  We also supply uniforms for social clubs, sporting clubs, committees and specialist groups with a service offering to cover all your business requirments.  

We have extensive skills in company branding and a personalised approach to uniform and logo development.  Our experienced Corporate Service Team has assisted many businesses to enhance their brand and professional image.  

Our collection of matching Men's and Women's shirts are made from 100% premium fine cotton. When combined with our range of quality pants and skirts, they are perfect for office and Workwear staff uniforms.  

We also offer matching Men's and Women's cotton polos in a range of classic corporate colours.  



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